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Next ROUND Starts September 17th, 2018!

Unlimited Boot Camps | Nutrition Plan | Support | Prizes

This is the ultimate challenge! It’s not just about weight loss, but learning how to empower yourself to become a healthier, happier you!

This comprehensive transformation challenge is bigger and better than ever! Dazza Fitness has teamed up with Nutrition Warehouse offer you a wealth of support, workshops, advice and classes to transform yourself in 12 weeks.

Push yourself and be rewarded with prizes for the best transformation results! (pssst it’s not all about the scales)

What’s included in the 12 week Challenge?

Progress Tracking with Rapid Bioscan

The best way to know how your body and fitness is changing is to track and measure your progress – the challenge offers a pre and post Bioscan – a full analysis of their Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass, Body Water, BMI, Muscular development of each part of your body, and much more! We will also track your progress through photos and fitness tests. 

30 Days of clean eating 

For the first 30 days of the challenge you will be guided in how to prepare clean, nutritious meals to cleanse and heal your body.  We are also including additional bonus material including:

1. Agreen smoothie guide.
2. Juice recipe (e-book).
3. Heal yourself for optimum health (e-book).
Check out more information HERE

Healthy Meal Plans

It is said weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise and 100% habits – especially if you want to tone the tummy and remove that dangerous excess visceral fat and keep it off! Take the guess work and planning out of your weight loss  journey and utilize the meal plan and nutritional seminars based on the latest research. After the first month of clean eating we will offer you weekly meal plans for the next 4 weeks. This diet guide is broken up into weekly plans with a weekly shopping list and instructions on how to meal prep! There are  options for allergies and fussy eaters!

fitness-image-1Weekly Group Training

Maximize your fat burning and muscle toning with our full body HIIT style workouts! Join our Dazza Fitness Boot Camps in Greenbank, held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday.
If you really want to get the best possible results, sign up for additional weekly personal training session with Darren in a location and time of your choosing. Please contact us to arrange personal training.

Ongoing Support & Education

Education is a key part of any health and fitness goal, with the  challenge you will be able to access a private Facebook group, training and nutrition advice,  and check ins to keep you motivated and on-track during the challenge.

Private Boot Camp and Destination Boot Camp (day out)

Included in this challenge is additional private boot camps for challenge participants. Drills will be team building exercises and include some great prizes. A destination boot camp will also be run during the challenge to mix it up and keep you motivated!


To make it easier we have two cost effective payment options available!
Weekly Instalments: Join for just $24.95 per week.
Secure your spot with a $25 deposit
Please note: weekly payments will be direct debited from your chosen account. A 1.75% + $1.10 transaction fee per transaction will be incurred.
Full payment : One payment of $250 (save $50)
Secure your spot with a $50 deposit

Amp up your results with Personal Training!
1 x per week $49.95 (includes challenge)
1 x fortnightly $75.00 (includes challenge)
*weekly or fortnightly payments will be direct debited from your chosen account. A 1.75% + $1.10 transaction fee per transaction will be incurred.

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Here’s what previous challenge participants have to say about our 4 week and 8 week challenges!

ruth-pic-2I have always struggled with fitness and it has never been something I have enjoyed until I found Mum’s and Bub’s fitness. For the first time in my life I crave going to fitness. I had never understood people who wanted to go for runs or climb mountains and now I look forward to doing active things regularly.  It is really awesome and I love how it is tailored to Mum’s with little kids. I also love how it doesn’t break the bank to go to fitness! I have always been really intimidated by Gyms or going to other bootcamps but Mum’s and Bub’s is a fantastic non-intimidating environment. Its nice that all the other ladies are Mum’s and know the post baby fitness exhaustion battle! Everyone is really lovely and very encouraging. Darren is a fantastic trainer and motivator. He helps us to push ourselves hard and achieve our goals. I did the September Challenge with Darren and lost a whopping 4.1 kilos in one month! It was an awesome challenge and Darren gave us meal plans and lots of good tips to help. I would definitely be keen to do another challenge as it really helped me make some lifestyle changes to being a healthier, happier and fitter version of myself.


I absolutely loved participating in the 30 day challenge. Before having my son I had tried gyms but really didn’t find they worked for me nor did I get the results I wanted. When I started the mums and bubs classes I was delighted to find they were exactly what I needed to get me fit and I really enjoy the classes themselves and working out with other mums. When the challenge came up I jumped at the chance to give myself another kick to reach my weight loss goals. I really enjoyed the different weekly meal plans and the fact I could do all the meal prep in advanced to save cooking each night. I decided to do the personal training alongside the boot camp which I’d highly recommend as it gave one-on-one training which really pushed me to my fitness limits. I was extremely happy with my results from the challenge and I reached my goals I set out to achieve!

I joined Darren’s boot camp  2 years ago after finishing another season of soccer, I was tired of playing soccer then when the season was over after doing nothing and struggling the next season.
Darren is always encouraging either with the correct technique or to push yourself a little harder.  He encourages you to  work at your own pace so the fitter you become the better your pace! He mixes up the training from pushups to sumo squats to circuits and even to exercises with a deck of cards or a roll of the dice!  It is never easy so there is always a challenge to accept! Even when injured exercises were modified so that I could still do sessions!

With 4-5 sessions a week being run you can fit exercise into your day easily enough too, I for one am a sucker for 5 days a week!