So you’re on a diet and suddenly all you can think about are the delicious food groups you are now denying yourself. Well if you are anything like me, you may want a healthier substitute to satisfy your cravings instead of just eating eating chicken and broccoli.

Introducing my new savior – Why Whip protein ice-cream!

So what makes this my go to treat?
Well it’s low fat and sugar and absolutely tasty. The tubs are 150g and a good portion size. It has between 24-26g protein per tub (depending on flavour) and about 7-8g carbs and 4-6g fats. At 190-210 calories, it’s certainly less of an impact on your diet than regular ice cream! You can check out the full nutritional info here.

Upon opening the Peanut Butter Choc Nut Crunch you can see it has a creamy consistency and plenty of bits of chocolate and peanuts.

The actual ice cream is very smooth, although has more of an icy taste and consistency than regular ice cream. The flavour is light and sweet and the extra choc chips are great mixed in.

Definitely impressed by the texture and the peanut butter flavour was great. I did previously try the choc mint, but was not a fan of mint to begin with – was like eating frozen toothpaste. Although not a true replacement for ice cream, it is something to have on occasion without the guilt. I like the single portion sizes too.

I pick up mine from Nutrition Warehouse Browns Plains for around $5 a tub.

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