The story behind the 8 week challenge free boot camps.

Dazza Fitness with the support of Enriching Communities and Mirvac are donating their time to the Greenbank community and paying forward the proceeds to Bowel Cancer Australia – a cause very close to our hearts.

In 2016, a close friend –  Jack was diagnosed with bowel cancer at just 28. It was devastating to think a body so young and lively was riddled with cancer.

I met Jack in high school – he was a goof ball and “the tall kid” towering over everyone at 6’4″ – I thought I was tall when I started high school, but Jack was taller! It wasn’t until after high school that we really became better friends, hanging out on weekends. He worked hard, partied hard and lived the good life.
In late August 2016 Jack noticed his stomach was a bit bloated and felt unwell – nothing more. After being admitted to hospital for tests, it was found that Jack had bowel cancer, and it was already at stage 4.  The doctors originally gave him 5 years, but the time line kept shrinking until he had a matter of weeks. It all happened so fast.

Upon hearing the news his mates decided to hold a BBQ at Jack’s parents place in support of Jack and his family. Over the coming weeks we watched Dvd’s and played X-box together on the days he was feeling stronger, but each day he was getting worse.  I wanted to find another way to help and show support.

Everyone has heard of Movember, but searching online I discovered Beardcember. – it was oddly perfect timing to come across a fundraising cause for bowel cancer. I created and promoted the fundraiser page for Jack to help his family, show that he was supported and raise awareness about this awful cancer. Beards for Jack raised $7,268.50 for Bowel Cancer Australia in just one month and the support was overwhelming.

But after just 10 weeks of treatment, on Friday 9th of December, Jack was laid to rest. The funeral had an amazing  turnout, with a beautiful send off from his work mates doing the Hakka, all wearing Jack themed t-shirts. There were tears, but so much laughter over shared memories of Jack’s antics.

We continued to grow our beards in December for Jack after he passed away.

Let’s keep spreading awareness for bowl cancer and do what we can to help not lose anymore loved ones to this awful cancer!

I hope through these charity boot camps to not only help people with their own health, but also raise funds and awareness for bowel cancer – the more sign ups the bigger the contribution to Bowel Cancer Australia. Life is too short not to live each day to the fullest and strive for health and wellness.

RIP Jack! You will be missed and  never forgotten!

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