6 week transformation challenge!

I’m looking for 20 BUSY PARENTS who are ready to lose weight, get fit, while learning how to apply healthier habits to become leaner, more powerful and perform their best every day!

starts 10th october


*Sign Ups Close 7th October 2022 – or when all 20 spots have been filled!

your transformation begins now

There’s no better time to prioritise your health than right now.

I’ve created this 6 week challenge with the busy parent in mind and will have you covered no matter what your goal or how busy you are.

I focus on teaching you lifelong habits beyond just 6 weeks, with all the accountability & coaching set up in the DAZZA FITNESS app. (There’s no tricks or gimmicks – OR FAD DIETS!)

A body transformation is more than just a ‘before and after’ photo, it’s a whole lifestyle change.

As well as results, I promise that you’ll be educated on your nutritional habits so you will be able to sustain your results better long term!

This program is the result of over 7 years of helping clients get fit, lose weight, feel strong & is specifically designed to deliver RESULTS through:

fully comprehensive program

A streamlined roadmap that works with your lifestyle to optimize results


Simple and effective workouts designed to fit around your busy schedule.

weekly check-ins

Weekly Check-in to help overcome your obstacles and keep you accountable

And so much more!

Who Is Dazza Anyway?

Who is dazza & why does he want to help busy parents?

Hi there, My name is Darren Pennisi.

You may have seen me as the boot camp guy in Greenbank, but not long ago I decided to transition myself from running my amazing boot camps to adopting a more coaching style approach to help the clients I want to work with, which happens to be busy parents. During my time of running boot camps, I saw the same continuous and predictable roadblocks preventing busy parents from realising their full potential while maintaining their busy schedules.

Although I’m not a busy parent myself, I spent a lot of time with my partner and her kids, so trust me when I say I have witnessed first hand the barriers busy parents face! The hectic mornings, the fussiness at dinner time, the schedule that never seems to “not be busy”. But you know what, my partner still makes healthy habits part of her life and the kids understand that they need to move, that some foods are high in calories and this is part of our life as a family unit. This is why when I say I understand the barriers you face, how busy your are etc, I do actually get it! And I can help!

Accumulating the most effective strategies to break through these barriers, I designed a “method-tested” habit coaching system any busy parent can use to take full control of their health and fitness.

What's included in the 6 week challenge

6 Week Dietician Approved Meal Plan + Shopping Lists

We’ll be eating delicious high-quality proteins, healthy fats, nutrient-dense greens, and real fruits and vegetables. What won’t we be eating? Basically, anything that comes out of a box or bag and/or has more than 5 ingredients on the label (especially if you’re not sure what those ingredients are). Processed foods laden with chemicals, artificial colorings and preservatives are NOT on this plan.

Weekly Check-ins

This is a simple check-in form that should take no longer than a few minutes to complete and will fall into your schedule each Sunday. We use this form to help assess your progress and your thoughts on the program so far. This does two things; one helps us track your progress in more areas than just the numbers and two it helps us identify things that may not be going to well for you so that we can make a change.

Daily Coaching Emails

You will have accountability and coaching through 42 daily coaching emails designed to inform, educate and keep you on track through-out the whole 6 week challenge.

Fitness Classes

If you would like to beef up your results with my Fitness Classes, there will be 2 classes on offer available. My MOTIV8 PT Group Class will run each Monday & Wednesday at 6pm & is located in Everleigh - Greenbank. Plus I'll be including 1 online Zoom Fitness Class a week on Saturday mornings. Perfect if you woud still like to do a class in the comfort of your own home.

Join Our Private Challenge FB Group

This is where I will be supporting you through-out the 6 weeks. I will be hosting live coaching events and answering any questions through-out the challenge and making sure that you are never lost and supported the whole way.


First prize winner will get my 12 week habit coaching program. (Value $497) Plus $250 CASH! Second Prize will also win my 12 week program plus $150 CASH! There will be other runner up prizes for highest steps accumulated throughout the challenge and for the most rounds completed in the Ninja Discipline challenge. Both winners will receive a $100 voucher!

My method has been tested

“I'm a busy mother to a two-year-old. I also work 4 days a week in a workplace that can either be sedentary or very fast pasted. I wanted to find something that would keep me accountable and follow a checklist to be able to keep myself accountable.This challenge has workout plans that are easy to fit into your schedule. I was able to fit exercises before or after work. This challenge provided accountability and I learnt how important fitting exercise into your daily routine, not only for yourself, your mental health and your confidence. I have not felt this good in years and it empowers me to continue a healthy relationship with exercise and food.”
Lawrell-lee Ross
“Goal was to lose weight, eat healthy and be accountable for my food choices. Really enjoyed logging my food everyday. Noticed huge changes in my body shape. Feeling positive about continuing on and keep making healthy choices. Will continue to exercise and log my steps daily. Biggest challenge was time but once you start being organized and pushing yourself it's no longer a problem. You just manage to fit things in to work around a busy lifestyle. Once you start to see the changes it really pushes you on. My advice would be to go for it. Even if you think you won't have the time, you will and your body and mind will try thank you for it.”
Sarah Ince
“I have been doing boot camp with Darren for over 7 years & I have done quite a few challenges with Darren. But I was after something to get me back into taking care of myself again with diet & exercise and thought that this might be the place to start & boy was I right! In a world where we are given useless information everyday it really was great to be given useful information daily - morning emails, FB & the chat & the snippets of information which gets you thinking! I have felt the best I've felt in a long time & have definitely accomplished a lot more in my day! Would definitley say if you're unsure give it a try what have you got to lose? Just remember Rome wasn't built in a day so don't try and do everything all at once focus on 1 thing at a time and you will get there!”
Teena Lloyd

How the sign up Process Works


click sign up

Once you click sign up, you'll be taken to my payment page. Once you have paid you'll be forwarded to my thank you page where you'll create your personal coaching account.


Check your email

Once you have successfully paid and created your account, you will be sent an email with all the details you need to prepare for the challenge.


Strategy call

This is a call from me to introduce myself and answer any questions you might have before starting the challenge. I'll also help you with the best strategy for you to get the most out of the challenge.

This 6 week challenge coaching program is

Perfect for you if...

not perfect for you if...

this 6 week challenge will transform your life

Sign up now and take control of your health today!
$ 497 Sign ups close 7th October. If you MISSED out on the Early Bird Speccial... Please send me a message and let's chat. 🙂
  • 6 Week Dietician Approved Meal Plan (worth $250)
  • Fully comprehensive habit coaching program (worth $300)
  • Online Zoom Fitness Classes (worth $50)
  • Daily Coaching Emails & tips for success
  • Access to the private Challenge FB Group
  • Over $1000 worth in prizes up for grabs!

Registrations close in...


or when all 20 spots are filled!


Most frequent questions and answers

It is all accessed online through my “Dazza Fitness” App (available in google play and apple store) or via the members portal on my website. This means you will have access to your program and your trainer wherever you go!

My coaching is app is merely a tool to help you stay accountable. I’ve set up this challenge based on the same principles taken from my full 12 week habit coaching program.

It is not difficult to use and all instructions will be provided for you inside the app.

As I’ll be coaching you to form life long habits, you will be expected to check-in to the app everyday and be accountable to the tasks I’ve set out for you to complete.

It should take no longer than a few minutes a day to check-off your tasks.

If you ever get stuck, you can always get in contact with me via phone, email or via the Private Challengers FB Support Group.

Diet is the most important part of getting the results you want and the only time that I figured people would follow a meal plan is when doing a transformation challenge. If the meal plan doesn’t quite suit you or you don’t end up having much time to do the meal prep, then I strongly suggest you food log all your meals throughout the challenge. (i.e. take photos)

As I am not a dietician, I am not able to make any changes to this meal plan as it then becomes not “dietician” approved.

For ladies you will just follow the meal plan as it is. For men, it will be just a matter of adjusting portion sizes which is all explained for you in the meal plan.

Please note: Coffee/Caffeine addicts… the first 2 days is an intended detox and there is strictly no caffeine. I know how intense that might be for some, so just letting you know!

No you don’t.

I know how daunting calorie counting can be for some and I would never go straight into calorie counting for any of my programs.

If you follow the meal plan that is laid out for this challenge, you won’t have to bother with tracking any calories anyway.

If you decide that you don’t want to or aren’t able to follow the meal plan, at a minimum I would expect you to do some basic food logging through out the challenge. I.e. take photos of your meals.

Here is the Calorie Breakdown for the meal plan provided:
The average amount of calories range from 1400-1600 per day (except for the first 2 detox days) During the first 2 weeks, carbs are under 80 grams, and the last two weeks they are about 100 grams. Protein averages 100 grams per day. There are also recommendations for men and a guide on how to adjust the macros if needed.

The Ninja Discipline Challenge consists of 8 body weight exercises. It will run for 30 days through-out the 6 week challenge and it will be up to you to perform as many rounds as possible each day for the 30 days when it starts. The person with the most rounds completed by the end of the challenge will win a $100 voucher.

The Steps Challenge will run through-out the 6 weeks and each week you’ll work out your average step count and aim to increase your goal by 1000 steps based on your average.

The person with the most accumulated steps by the end of the 6 week challenge will win a $100 voucher!

It will definitely be advantageous to have a step tracker but is not entirely necessary as there are plenty of apps on your phone that can track it for free. Although the only downside to that is that you will need to keep your phone on you the whole time for the most accurate reading.

While exercise is good for you, it is not compulsory to exercise while completing the challenge. The results that people can achieve are results from the diet plan alone, not from exercise. We, however, you will be given many different options to remain active from fitness classes to just focusing on increasing your step count.

This will be all self completed, which all instructions will be provided in my app.

We’ll be taking the following types of measurements:

  • Weight (kg)
  • Waist (cm)
  • Hips (cm)
  • Before & After photos

No! The Challenge has been set up online with all your coaching and accountability set up in the DAZZA FITNESS APP, so that you can complete the Challenge from the comfort of your own home! 

If you would like extra accountability or just want to add more exercise throughout the challenge I will have classes available that you can join in as well.

If prior to the commencement of the Challenge, you have a medical reason which will prevent you from completing the Challenge, you will be entitled to a full refund before the Challenge starts. Plus as part of my happiness guarentee, There’s a 14-Day, No Questions Asked, MONEY-BACK Guaratee. So there’s zero risk on you, all the risk is on me! 

The winners will be judged by weight-loss, centimeters lost and before & after photos. But I will also want to see who is really putting in the most effort which will reflect on the data you put into the coaching app.

Once I have decided on the winners, I will announce it live in the FB support group and email.

You only get out what you put in. Ultimately, if you do not finish the Challenge, the only person you are letting down, is yourself. The Challenge has been set up to provide you with support and a community of like-minded people throught the 6 weeks, with opportunities to learn and understand more about your body and Nutrition. The meal plan provided will make you feel better, improve your mood, provide clarity, reduce brain fog, clear your skin, and many more benefits. If you are struggling with motivation to continue, I encourage you to reach out to me (your coach) or reach out to others in the private Facebook group. 

I’d love to have more than 20 people join my challenge but I’m still only just a 1 man show. Behind the scenes I’m not only trying to run a business, but I do all the admin as well as coaching multiple clients.

Whenever I run a challenge, I like to keep myself laser focused to helping the participants for the duration of the 6 weeks. Keeping it at 20 people, will ensure that the quality of help I provide through-out the challenge is top notch!

As I improve and grow, I look to increase the capacity for these challenges in the future!

10th October – 20th November 2022

Definitely! I plan to run these challenges at least twice a year. As I grow this challenge, I may look at including 1 more. If you’re not ready to take on the challenge just yet, stay tuned in the new year 2023 for my next one. 

Make sure you have a clear head!

What I mean by that is, if your life really is too busy at the moment and currently stressful and you’re a huge procrastinator, it may not be the best time to start this challenge as most days you will have to absorb some coaching information and one thing I’ve noticed that kills most people’s success is procrastination! 

Don’t worry I get it though, I’m actually a huge procrastinator myself! Currently I’m working on improving my coaching info to be in the form of coaching videos which will make it easier to listen to instead of having to read each day. 

100% Happiness Guarantee!

are you ready to get the results you deserve?

If you are ready to take charge of your health, it’s time to take the plunge. Click the button below to secure your spot in the challenge and let’s get started!

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