Achieve your fitness goals and build confidence with Bootcamps!

No matter what age or fitness level you are, boot camps are designed to get you results.  The Dazza Fitness Boot camps have been created to give your body the ultimate workout in a fun and innovative group environment. It’s all about working at your own level with the support and motivation you need to achieve your personal goals.

This intense form of exercise will test your endurance and strength, with movements that can be modified to your capabilities. No two classes are the same and you will never know what to expect. It’s not just burpees and push ups – there are games and lots of short bursts of high intensity, interval type training using various equipment and drills to exercise your whole body. It will keep your heart rate up, tone muscle and burn that fat!

Our 60-minute Boot camps are run outdoors – so you can breathe the fresh air and take advantage of the different setting to keep you motivated!

Get started today!

You can join our group outdoor Boot Camps at Teviot Downs Soccer Club at any time for a free trial – simply fill the form below or contact us directly. With enough interest a Springfield location can also be run.