ATTN: Busy Men Over 40 Who Want to Lose Fat…

How to Build Lean Muscle,     Burn Stubborn Belly Fat and Develop Unstoppable Motivation WITHOUT Cutting Out Beer, Pizza Or Doing Hours of Boring Cardio 


A proven system the healthiest, fittest, strongest and most powerful men over 40 use to stay at the top of their game despite busy schedules, a stressful career, and a hectic family life…


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If you’re a busy guy over 40, who’s struggling to balance the demands of a hectic home life, stressful career AND trying to lose 5-10kg of body fat, listen up.

I’ve been helping men ditch their guts, build lean muscle, and reignite their energy and motivation for 8 years now. 

And if this is you, I know you’re probably struggling with time, energy and sleep.

So tell me, does any of the following sound like you:

  • You drag yourself out of bed every morning after another terrible night’s sleep, feeling totally and utterly exhausted. 


  • You look in the mirror and barely recognise the soft, flabby, weak physique staring back at you, and wish you could be strong, lean and defined.


  • You worry you’re setting a bad example for your kids, because even though you’re not obese, you know you’re overweight, unfit, and you’re terrified they’ll end up the same.


  • Your body feels like it’s betraying you, unable to keep up with the pace you used to manage effortlessly. Frustration grows as you remember the days when you were more agile and confident, but they’re now a distant memory.


  • Your insecurities creep in every time you think about your partner feeling that they deserve better. The thought that they might be longing for the man you used to be, the one full of vitality and confidence.

Well, if even just one of those sounds like you, I have good news – It doesn’t have to be this way…

I’m Darren, and after working with 104 men over the past 8 years – I know the biggest challenge you’re facing isn’t just knowing what to eat or what workout to do next…

It’s also thinking you need to just ‘eat healthier’ or train more.

The trouble is, it’s generic advice at best. There’s no accountability.  

See, if it was as easy as ‘eat healthier’ and ‘train more’, you wouldn’t be here now reading this.  

You’d be doing it already and getting great results.

Another problem guys over 40 face when losing fat is that most diets are too extreme or they’re just a “quick fix” — not to mention they’re BORING and restrictive…

They force you to cut out all your favourite foods and consume chicken and broccoli for dinner.  Gross.

Plus, I’ve found many programs out there that unfortunately don’t care about you.  You become just another number.  You’re one of many.  

Personalised attention is lost, and you find yourself following a generic plan that doesn’t suit your work or family life. 

So what should you do to burn belly fat, build muscle and boost motivation… all while eating pizza, drinking beer, and spending your evenings with your family (not sweating your ass off in a stinky gym)…?

That’s where guys over 40 need a proven fat loss system — one that melts 5, 10, or even 15kg with ease and builds 2kg+ of LEAN muscle


Because when you have a proven fat loss system that’s easy to follow…

All the diet ‘confusion’ disappears.

So do the wasted workouts where you grind yourself into the ground for little-to-no progress.


When you follow a step-by-step system that get results…

One that’s super easy to follow and implement, even on those “crazy busy” days…

You can easily drop a kilo a week… or as much as 5-6kg a month!

And over the course of 12 weeks…

You’ll see your belly shrink, your stomach muscles start to poke through and show definition…

Your chest, shoulders and arms take shape — even filling out your shirts in the right way (like your arms hugging your sleeves)…

And instead of feeling out of breath as you climb up the stairs or get up and down to tie your laces…

You’ll feel energised, motivated, and confident in your new, leaner body!

Compliments will come flooding in…

“Man, you look great! What have you been doing?”

Your answer will shock most folks…

Because you won’t have had to workout for 2hrs a day, 4+ days a week…

Or watch your diet like a hawk.

Instead, you’ll have enjoyed every meal… and worked out no more than 2 hours a week!

The difference is that you’ll have followed a PROVEN process — one backed by science, with expert accountability and simple-to-execute modifications for when life throws you a curveball.

Everything I’ve just described is exactly what I’ve created for men over 40.

Which is why I’m excited to introduce you to…

The Boss-Man 12 Week Shred System

Drop 8kg of Fat, Build 2kg of Muscle
And Sculpt Your Physique Into a
Body That You’re Proud Of!

This program is completely bespoke to you, with no fad diets or unrealistic expectations.  

You don’t even need to be a member of a gym! 

We work together as a team, tweaking and refining your plan to ensure you see the weight drop off you week after week – all without cutting out the beers. 

When you join my program, you become part of my family, and working with me 1-1 is not something I take for granted.  

You can expect a coach who genuinely cares about your health, and wants to see you not only lose the weight, but keep it off forever!

I’ve personally coached 106 men who after following my ‘Boss-Man’ Method, dropped their stubborn belly fat, dramatically improved their health markers such as cholesterol and blood pressure.

“I started this program in the hope to lose some belly fat as even simple tasks like tying shoe laces were difficult, with your stomach getting in the way.

I thought we were eating reasonably healthy, before the program and I believe it has given me the tools to make different choices, better choices.

I sit in an office most days for up to 9 hours with very little movement. Having coaching tips and reminders made me think about the simple things, and simply being mindful of small things were made easier with this program.

I’m now down almost 5 kilos in 6 weeks without going hungry, in fact most of the meals were big, and I wondered if I should eat it all.

The program was not rocket science but made decisions for better choices easier and rewarding.

It’s been almost 10 years since I have slept as well as I do, waking up clearer and more energetic, feeling generally well and bright, oh and dropping a size in pants feels great too.

If you’re looking to make a change, even a small one, definitely try this out, great motivation and positive reinforcement each week, whilst keeping you accountable is a cornerstone of this program.

We have all heard it before – if I can do then you can too!

By the way you still keep losing weight after the program too, just learn from it and apply the lessons learnt. Thanks Darren”.

You might feel overwhelmed by the challenges of work, relationships, and other responsibilities…

And you might look at other men who are in perfect shape, have a happy partner hanging on their arm, and seem to have figured out the “secret” to a healthy, pain free life…

The thing is, when you neglect your health in the name of success or being a “boss” at home or work, it affects every aspect of your life.

  • You feel run-down and stressed.

  • You lack the energy to pursue your passions and achieve your goals, and like most men…

  • You end up plagued by feelings of inadequacy and a nagging sense that you’re not living up to your potential.

You see…when you follow my 12 week step-by-step ‘Boss Man’ Method, everything else falls into place, and being the man you want to be feels effortless.
You can expect…

  • A strong muscular body that holds up over time and doesn’t get weaker year by year.

  • More energy to give to your kids, weekend hobbies and the people you love.

  • Getting better quality sleep so that you wake up every morning feeling refreshed and excited to take on the day ahead.

  • Higher testosterone levels to build muscle, improve your sex life and feel like the 20 year old you used to be.

  • Improved memory and focus so you can tackle the toughest challenges at work.  Not only that, you’ll be able to recall cherished memories with your partner and the time you held your son or daughter for the first time.

  • Smoother digestion and balanced blood sugar levels so you don’t feel bloated,  lethargic or flat throughout the day.

  • Becoming more attractive to boost self confidence walking down the street, at the beach or at work delivering presentations.

  • A more resilient mental and emotional state to handle life’s challenges

Don’t take my word for it though…

So, What Do You Get?

The 12 Week ‘Boss-Man’ Transformation Program is delivered completely online, no matter where you live so you get to train how you want and when it suits you.  Here’s what you get:

  • Metabolic Workouts ($499 value) – Designed to get you sweaty, feel a surge of energy and ignite your fat burning furnace in under 30 mins. Workout videos included. 

    The program is tailored to you – which means the workouts can be done any time, anywhere on your terms. 

    Short on time? You’ll find programs from 1-2 workouts per week. 

    Want to hit the gym every day? You’ll love your 5 x workouts per week plan.

    Either way, I got you covered with a program that’ll suit your work and family life.
  • Coaching & Accountability ($599 value) – You’ll have direct contact with me to dive deep into mindset, fitness and nutrition strategies that will keep you focused and accountable to do what you said you would! We keep everything securely in one place on our App, so you’ll find everything you need to complete the program easily and quickly.
  • Nutritional Coaching & Support ($399 value) – You’ll be guided every step of the way on how to create your own sustainable diet without having to cut out the foods you love. No cookie cutter meals.
  • Simple Weekly Check-ins ($499 value) – You’ll check-in with your own coach through our exclusive app on a weekly basis via a short form. You’ll know exactly how you’re progressing each week, and exactly what to do in the week ahead to lose the next kilo and move towards the healthier, happier and fitter you.
  • Coaching Calls ($399 value) – 6 x 30 minute 1-1 coaching calls with your coach to keep you motivated, accountable, supported and guaranteed to stay on track.
  • Measurements / Before & Afters ($199 value) – What gets measured, gets managed and you can’t improve what you cannot see.  By tracking your measurements and taking progress photos, you’ll see first hand how fast your body shape changes.
  • Private Facebook Community Group ($99 value) – Get unlimited access to an exclusive VIP group for men with the same goals as you – all celebrating each other’s wins. Not only is this where I provide bonus support, I also believe there’s nothing more important than surrounding yourself with other men who lift each other up and celebrate each other’s victories along the way.
  • And Much More!

Everything is mapped out for you so all you have to do is show up, follow the instructions, and put in the work.

From the moment you join, you’ll receive your Welcome Pack via email with a simple step-by-step onboarding process so we can get to know your starting point and meet you at your current level of fitness. 

Then on the first Friday after you join, you’ll receive an email with a short form to tell me your goals, ambitions and outcomes you want from the 12 week program.

We’ll go over the simple instructions on how to complete your workouts so you can get moving straight away!

Your workouts can be done at home, in the gym or both! The choice is yours. 

They will use a mixture of bodyweight exercises, dumbbells and a workout bench to ensure we work every muscle in the body to build 1-2kg of lean muscle in just 12 weeks. 

From here, your workouts, meal plan and habits will be drip fed to you daily in the app, which you’ll be guided every step of the way on exactly what to do.

Each daily habit takes 5-10 mins max to complete. This also includes your weekly check-in to be completed every Sunday.

PLUS, when you join today, you’ll receive all these EXCLUSIVE bonuses (valued at over $1,940):

  • 7 Nights FREE Accommodation at a Luxury Hotel Of Your Choice ($1500 value)I’m not kidding here.  No catch.  You will receive 7 nights FREE accommodation at a luxury hotel of your choice in either Bali, Africa or Thailand when you join the 12 Week Bossman Program!
  • Success Manual ($99 value) – Packed with practical tips, strategies and step-by step instructions to make burning fat EASY
  • Meal Prep Masterclass & Video training ($147 value) – Discover the secrets to making meal prep so easy a 7 year old could do it!
  • Purpose Worksheet ($99) – This worksheet will help you identify your values, passions, and strengths so that you get clear on your goals and stay motivated and on track.
  • BONUS Strategy Call ($99) – Get an extra 1-1 30 minute personal call with me to unlock the struggles holding you back from losing that stubborn fat.  You’ll leave this call feeling energised, motivated and on track to your targets. 


That’s a total value of $5073  

How much is it worth to you to add an extra 1-2kg of lean muscle and lose 8kg of body fat…

And how much would you be willing to pay to finally enjoy the feeling of having a strong muscular body that holds up over time and doesn’t get weaker year by year…

every time you get out of bed in the morning…

What would that be worth to you?

Because for some others…

They’ve spent as much as $1000, $2000 or even $3000…

Which might sound like a lot…

But with most half-decent PTs charging $110/hr, that only works out at 2-3 sessions a week for a trainer to basically count out reps… and maybe give you some “generic” meal plan.

Still, folks gladly paid $3000 because they get just a tiny bit of progress.

Now, I admit…

I didn’t want to charge $5000 because it’s out of reach for most folks…

Thing is, my hourly is $90… and most folks gladly send me $2,500 to work with me for just a month or two…

However, that’s what you’d have to invest if you came to me for private coaching…

Then you’d have your travel expenses to take into account…

So the investment soon adds up.

But if you were guaranteed to lose at least 8kg or your money back…

And have a body you feel proud of every-damn-day you look in the mirror…

Or have your kids look up to you and say: 

“Dad… you look amazing!”

Wouldn’t it be worth it?


And the best bit…

It won’t cost you $5000
or anywhere near that much…

Because when you do get your 12 Week Boss-Man program today…

You can use it in your own time…

On your terms…

And at your convenience.

Without needing to fork out up to $3000 for a program…

Because I’ve packaged everything you need to lose 8kg or more…

Into an easy to use system you can get here on this page, today…

And it won’t even cost you $2500…

Or even $2000

You can get the 12 Week Boss-Man program here today…

And access 7 nights free accommodation, fat burning workouts, 1-1 coaching calls, meal-prep masterclasses, high-level nutrition coaching and MUCH more (worth a total of $5073)… 

Which will let you torch 8kg of fat and build thick, lean slabs of muscle…

And finally sculpt the physique you deserve…

The investment is extremely reasonable — less than half the $2000 I should ask for!

I’m making this so reasonable because it’s clear you’re serious about your health… and because I know how hard it is for guys over 40 to take control of their health (and their wastline)…

So when you act right here today…

You get the entire 12 Week Boss-Man System for $1500 $1000 the low one-time investment of just $799!

That’s a saving of over 84% on a program worth $5073!

AND you have Unlimited Access to me and all my programs. 

Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now:

Step 1: Click the button below right now to secure your spot on the program. 

Step 2: Be quick and register on the next page to lock-in your place.

Step 3: Finally, click the “Pay” button

Step 4: Fill out the short form on the next page after checkout to get started right away!

Look, I’m not mucking around here — I’ve priced this program to be as affordable as possible.

If you’re ready to commit, then let’s get you on board…

Option 1: Book a free 15 minute call to find out more about the program.

Option 2: Skip the call, save time and get started now!

100% No BS Money Back Guarantee

Important to note: 

I personally back this programme with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you join, do the work, and then at the end you’re not satisfied with the outcome, then I’ll return every penny to you and you can keep everything.

This is my signature program, I put my reputation on the line every time we run it. 

And for that reason, RESULTS must be delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is this for men?

    Being a man myself I resonate with the challenges that men face, especially busy blokes with families, work priorities, trying to live up to life’s expectations of health. I understand the important link between mental and physical health and I’m focussed on helping men over 40 build a healthier, happier and stronger future for them and their families. 

  2. What happens if I can’t commit halfway through the program?

    I totally understand that life happens.  If for whatever reason you cannot commit to the program halfway through, you can put your membership on pause for up to 30 days. However, I’m confident you’ll be able to continue the program no matter what – after all there’s never going to be a great time, right? 

  3. What happens if I don’t get results?

    I’m so confident this works, that I have a full money back guarantee or I will work with you for free until you get the results you desire!

  4. What if this doesn’t work for me?

    I understand your fears. This is a proven method that I know will work for you and as above, I’m taking on the risk.  If you don’t get a result I will refund your money in full or work with you for free until you do. 

  5. What makes this different from other programs?

    In a nutshell: EVERYTHING! Unlike most programs that burn you out on your nutrition and workouts so you’re counting down the days until it ends… this program is designed to stick. In other words, it’s about laying a rock solid foundation for lifelong physical, mental, and emotional health rather than hitting a short-term goal you can’t sustain.

    We’ll dive into stress management, connecting with your purpose, and taking better care of your relationships by taking better care of yourself… and also how to stay on track no matter what life throws at you. If you’re looking for a “reset” button, this is it.

  6. How long is this going to take me each day?

    Workouts are no longer than 30 minutes and your weekly check in takes only 5 to 10 mins complete.  Some days will have a task that takes only 5-10 minutes.  

  7. Can I enjoy beer and eat take-away on this program?

    Yes, absolutely. 

  8. Do I need to eat separately to my family?

    No, it’s all about how you can eat as a family, and build good habits around food. 

  9. Do I get a meal plan

    Yes, you will get a meal plan sent to you fortnightly but it’s up to you how closely you follow it, it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle. I will guide you on how you can still eat the foods you love whilst still reaching your goals. It’s not about following a cookie cutter guide, I have tailored plans I can provide based on your specific needs i.e. high protein.

  10. What happens after I sign up?

    From the moment you join, you’ll receive your Welcome Pack via email with a simple step-by-step onboarding process so we can get to know your starting point and meet you at your current level of fitness. 

  11. Do I need to buy supplements?

    A protein powder is recommended but not essential.  You can burn fat and build muscle with no supplements! 

  12. Are there any extra costs after I sign up

    Absolutely not.