Free 5 Day Energy Boosting Challenge

FREE 5 Day Energy Boosting⚡ Challenge For Busy Parents! 👪

This science-backed challenge will walk you through the EXACT actions to take to reignite your energy almost immediately.

And then it will help you layer in a few “extras” to help you boost your longer-term endurance and stamina.

Simply put, this challenge will help you FEEL better!

Here’s what you get in the FREE 5-Day Challenge: 👇

  • A complete 5-Day Energy Challenge Success Guide
  • Daily Quick-Charge Checklist to track your progress
  • Facebook group coaching & support
  • Daily emails to help keep you motivated and on-track
📲 Plus! I’m including 5 days FREE access to the Dazza Fitness App where I’ll be coaching you through-out the challenge and keeping you accountable! 
You’ll have your very own coach in your pocket. 😉

It’s going to be great! I can’t wait to get you started! 😁

We have an energy crisis – but it’s not one you read about in the news.

It’s one that YOU might feel every day… starting after lunch (or maybe even earlier!).

If you frequently feel drained, tired, and blah, you’re not alone. Check this out…

According to a survey of 2,000 adults: 

  • 65% said they rarely wake up feeling energized.
  • More than 40% start feeling tired by noon.
  • 74% say their lack of energy affects their productivity


That’s not even talking about the impact that lack of energy has on their quality of life, relationships, and health!

Good news: There IS something you can do about it. (And it works fast, too.)

I’ve created a 5-Day Energy Challenge that is specifically designed to jumpstart your energy naturally …

… and get you OFF the couch and back into your LIFE!

Join the challenge and see how habit coaching can help you achieve amazing results!

I guarantee in just 5 Days you will feel amazing!

At DAZZA FITNESS, My Mission Is To Help Busy Professional Parents Over 30 Create Sustainable Weight-loss & Maximize Their Energy, Without Restrictive Diets Or Time Consuming Workouts!

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Please note: Challenge starts the day after you sign up. Once you have created your account, please check your email for all the details to make sure you are prepared and ready!


I look forward to be working with you! 😊


Most frequent questions and answers

If you’re like most people and like to start things fresh on a Monday, then the best way to do that is sign up on a Sunday. Once you sign up, you’ll be given all the info to prepare and then it will kick-off the very next day and continue on for the next 5 days.