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✅ 20 delicious make-ahead meals for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks


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And a seriously easy way to start a meal prepping habit that keeps your goals in focus!

Who is...

Dazza Fitness?

DARREN is a Certified Personal Trainer and Online Coach, who is passionate about helping people lose weight and keeping it off.


Darren has always been helping busy parents achieve their goals at his boot camps, but since meeting his lovely partner Carol-Ann who is a mother of 2 beautiful children and a Professional IT Project Manager, he is now more passionate than ever to be able to help busy parents create sustainable weight-loss and maximize their energy without restrictive diets or time consuming workouts. Darren has witnessed first hand the barriers busy parents face! The hectic mornings, the fussiness at dinner time, that never seem to “not be busy”. But you know what, she still makes healthy habits part of her life and the kids understand that they need to move, that some foods are high in calories and that this is part of our life as a family unit.


In his free time, DARREN likes to go camping with his partner Carol-Ann (sometimes with the kids), bush walks and mountain biking!

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