About Us


Welcome to Dazza Fitness – affordable and professional personal training and fitness classes. Dazza Fitness will motivate and inspire you to lead a healthy, happy and active lifestyle. We have tailored programs for all ages and fitness levels.

Darren Pennisi

Dazza Fitness is owned and operated by qualified personal trainer and health & fitness coach Darren Pennisi.

Darren provides personal training services in the Greenbank QLD area and has over 7 years in the health and fitness industry and has trusted experience and knowledge in strength & conditioning, with a personal interest in weight loss and bodybuilding.

Darren offers the support, experience and skills to help you achieve the health and fitness goals you want, with a special focus on coaching for busy professional men over 30! 

If you want an honest, encouraging and positive approach to personal training, make your next big decision with Dazza Fitness!

What could you achieve with a qualified personal trainer?

Darren offers a wide range of workout styles to suit what you can do and what you will enjoy! Together we will work  towards your health and fitness goals and create sustainable life-long healthy lifestyle changes.

Young Woman Exercising with Resistance Band